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Picture of Sue and Tim with first-year trees in the ground

Kings Creek Trees was established as a tree nursery in 2001, by proprietors Sue and Tim Dyer. Sue had been working in the technology sector as an Engineering Director while Tim worked as a Product Support Manager/technical specialist for a major agricultural equipment manufacturer.

Sue originates from central Pennsylvania, where her brothers have been Christmas tree growers for 30 years and have also been manufacturing fresh wreaths for almost that long. Over the years, Sue and Tim learned vital information from Sue’s brothers in all areas of conifer horticulture and this prepared them well for their long-term goal of operating a choose-and-cut and wholesale Christmas tree farm.

There are many such Christmas tree farms in the vicinity where Kings Creek Trees is located. However, an absence of local nurseries growing the more specialized and highly desirable Fir, Spruce and Cedar species was identified. Accordingly, Kings Creek Trees seeded Blue Spruce and Concolor Fir in 2001.

The initial growing season was a tremendous success. In response to this success, in 2002, nine species of Fir were seeded, as well as Blue Spruce and Scots Pine. A 96-feet-long greenhouse was added for containerized seedling production, a massive irrigation system installed and 8-feet-high wildlife fence was erected all around the nursery area. Large investments were made in equipment and additional systems were put in place that specifically related to conifer seedling production. Experience gained at the Pennsylvania tree farm allowed Kings Creek Trees to initiate production of fresh wreaths for all occasions. The quality of these wreaths has been extremely well received and many customers comment they have never seen wreaths so full and beautiful.

An interest in bringing conifer trees to the homes of individuals prompted Kings Creek Trees to diversify into potted seedlings in 2002. These are offered as corporate event gifts, wedding favours and for other gift purposes. In-depth experience in conifer production from seed, along with high-quality seed sources and guaranteed seedlings ensured Kings Creek Trees’ success in this area.

In late 2007, Kings Creek Trees purchased a further 90 acres of farmland. This land will be used to grow landscaping trees to a much larger size, as well as eventually initiating a choose-and-cut retail Christmas Tree farm. In addition, 2007 saw Kings Creek Trees begin to diversify into other types of plant material such as ornamental grasses and exotic thistles.

The seeding programme at Kings Creek Trees now consists of twenty species of exotic evergreens. This includes such diverse species as Western Red Cedar, Siberian Fir, Korean Fir, Douglas-Fir, Meyers Spruce (China), Nordmann Fir (Republic of Georgia). Plans for a species expansion include Bulgarian Fir and Sakhalin Fir (Japan), among others.

For 2007 and 2008, Tim serves Landscape Ontario on a volunteer basis, as President of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa region. Landscape Ontario is the Provincial association of horticulture professionals. If you wish to use the products or services of any horticultural business in Ontario, we recommend you ensure they are members of Landscape Ontario. You may then rest assured as to the professionalism and ethics of that business.

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