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We have available the following ornamental grasses.






Prefers full sun / Tolerates partial shade

Achnatherum calamagrostis (Agrostia cal.). silver spear grass

Silver Spike Grass. Grows to 24". Zone 5. foliage grey green - silver green inflorescences turning tawny by late summer and remains attractive through winter.


Sunny but cool

Agropyron magellanlcum (Elymus magallanlcua), Blue wheat grass

Intense electric blue 12" clumps. Straw-tan spikes. 36" tall. Zone 5. Great container plant.


GC sun

Ammophila arenaria, European dune grass

Gray-green leaf, dense spikes. 36" tall. Zone 4.


Full sun

Ampelodesmos mauritanica, Mauritania vine reed, rope grass

10' tall in flower tussock forming dark green foliage with arching flowers - Zone 7 - grown for containers - shelter in cool greenhouse for winter


Full sun poor soil

Andropogon gerardii, Big Bluestem

5-8' tall green to slightly blue green in summer turning orange and copper red in autumn with burgundy hints, three branched terminal inflorescences with bright red pollen sacs. Zone 3.


Full sun for upright growth

Andropogon scoparius, Little Bluestem (Schtzachyrtum)

Starts green, turns blue then deep purple tinted orange, violet spikelets summer thru fall. 18" tall. Zone 3. Does best in low nutrient soils and dry conditions.


Full sun infertile soil

Andropogon virginicus, broom sedge, beard grass

Beard Grass, upright clump, stems and leaves bright green, suffused dark red-purple when flowers first appear, turning orange then purple silver flowers. Drought tolerant. 36" Zone 3.


Sun or shade

Anemanthele Lessoniana, NZ Wind grass, gossamer grass

New item- Beautiful arching grass, glimmering ruby strands shine trough lime green blades. Grows 36" tall. Hardy to zone 7. Containers wintered over in cool greenhouse. Color changes when gown in shade, foliage is deep green when in sun, it becomes golden


Full sun / tolerates partial shade

Bouteloua curtipendula, Side oats grama

Clumping, drought tolerant, purple flowers in summer, gray green leaf, matures gold, tolerates poor soil. Height 18". Zone 3.


Full sun

Bouteloua gracilis, Blue grama, mosquito grass

Fine texture, gray green leaf turns tan in fall, curious flowers suspended horizontally white flowers turn into purple seed heads. Height 12". Zone 3.


Partial Shade tolerant or full sun

Calamagrostis brachytricha, Korean feather reed grass

Tough, hardy, clumping, erect, rosy maroon plumes turning silver, native to moist woodlands, for containers or landscape. Grows 36" tall. Hardy to zone 4.


Full sun tolerates light shade

Calamagrostis Canadensis, Blue joint reedgrass

Long lived, erect stem, narrow blue leaf, sun or shade, flower spikes all summer, very versatile. Height 36". Zone 4. Best in moist to wet conditions.


Tolerates sun or shade

Calamagrostis epigejos, Wood small reed or feather reed grass

Thick brown spikes when flowers have dried. Upright stance. Parent of Karl Forerster. 36"+. Zone 4. Tolerates moist or dry conditions.



Carex Amazon mist

Fine green leaf, for pot or bedding. Height 10". Zone 7.


Full Sun

Carex buchananii 'red rooster'

Decorative grass, color changes with season, wheat to bronze. Height 12". Zone 6. Drought tolerant.


Sun but tolerates light shade

Carex comans Frosted Curls

Dense tufts of frosty gray leaves, tipped with wispy silver flowers, for ground cover or pot. Perennial. Height 10". Zone 5.


Shade to partial sun

Carex grayi

For moist soils with decorative seed pods for arrangements. Perennial. Height 20". Zone 4.


Sun or shade

Carex nigra

Black flowered Sedge, blue-green leaf, moist soil in sun or shade. 18". Zone 3.



Eucalyptus Baby Blue

This variety bred especially for professional cut flower production. 16"


Prefers light shade will grow in sun with adequate moisture

Chasmanthium (Uniola) latifolium, Northern Sea Oats

Slender stalks and spikes, likes shade, great fall and winter garden presence, perennial. Height 48". Zone 4.



Corynephorus canescens Spiky Blue

Gray hair grass, silver leaf, tinged red, drought tolerant, perennial. Primed. Height 8". Zone 5. It prefers poor acidic soils on fixed dunes. The blue-green leaf colour is distinctive.



Deschampsia caespitosa, Tufted Hair grass

Dense green clumps, tolerates shade, blooms on spring, matures gold to purple, perennial. Height 14" - 4' tall in bloom Zone 4.


Sun or shade

Deschampsia flexuosa, Crinkled hair grass

Green turning tan, sun or shade, especially likes dry woodland. 18". Zone 4.


Full sun or light shade

Eleocharis palustris, Great spike rush

Thick, stiff, upright green spikes topped with pointy furry white flowers, wet soil. 36". Zone 3. Moist soils to shallow waters.


Sun or partial shade

Elymus arenarius

Arching wide blue leaves, sun or part shade, tolerates poor or dry soil, chaffy. Height 36". Zone 2.


Sun or partial shade

Elymus Canadensis, Canada wild rye

Grows along river banks, prairies and sandy soil. Zone 3.



Elymus glaucus, Blue wild rye

Blue gray foliage. Moist to dry. Clump forming and densely tufted. Grows 0.5 - 1.5m. Zone 5.



Elymus sibericus

Gray green leaf, clump former, showy pendulous bristly flower heads. 36". Zone 2.


Partial Shade or sun

Elymus virginicus, Virginia wild rye

Adaptable to virtually any soil or climate, green turning straw, bottlebrush heads. 36". Zone 2. Prefers damp habitat


Full sun to light shade

Eragrostis curvula Weeping Love

Densely tufted, mound forming, nodding open panicles. Grows 36" tall. Hardy to zone 6.


Full sun

Erianthus ravennae, Hardy Pampa grass

Giant, gray green leaf, turning bronze in fall, silvery purple flower spikes, fluffy panicles persist thru winter, perennial. Height 96". Zone 6.



Eriophorum angustifolium, Cotton grass

White cotton heads all summer. Grows 36" tall, Hardy to zone 3.



Eriophorum vaginatum, Hare's tail cotton grass

Clump former, damp soil, white bristles, sun/shade. Grows 15" tall. Hardy to zone 4.



Festuca (Fescue) amethystina

Blue leaved grass, for wet or dry soils, perennial. Height 12". Zone 4."



Festuca (Fescue) Elijah Blue

Powder blue leaves hold color all year, dense compact clump, buff blooms, full to part sun in well drained soil, hardy. Grows 12" high. Hardy to zone 4.


Shade tolerant

Festuca (Fescue) gigantea

Arching one-sided panicles of green spikelets, shade tolerant. Grows 48" tall. Hardy to zone 5.


Full sun to shade tolerant

Festuca (Fescue) glauca Festina

Luscious blue for foliage contrast in pot or garden. Primed. Height 18". Zone 4.



Festuca (Fescue) ovina, Sheep Fescue

Sheep Fescue, green leaf. Grows 10" tall. Hardy to zone 4.



Festuca (Fescue) pulchella

Blue-green clumps. Grows 8" high. Hardy to zone 4.



Festuca (Fescue) scoparia, Bear Skin Fescue

Grows 8" high. Hardy to zone 4.



Festuca (Fescue) valesiaca

Upright spikes, hairlike leaf, dense blue green clump. 15". Zone 4.



Glyceria maxima, Manna grass

Upright glossy green reeds in wet soil, sun. Grows 48" high. Hardy to zone 5.


Sun or partial shade

Hierochloe (Sweet Grass) odorata Sweet Grass, Vanilla Grass

Spreading green leaf, panicles of sweetly scented spiklets, perennial. Height 12". Zone 4. Average to moist soil.


Full sun

Hordeum Foxtail Grass, Foxtail Barley

Feathery flower heads emerge green, turning purple then brown, fine textured pale green leaf, for containers or mass planting. Height 24". Zone 5.



Hystrix patula, Bottlebrush grass

Green turning straw, very interesting flower heads. Grows 32" high. Hardy to zone 2. Dry.



Blue Arrows (Juncus)

Turquoise metallic blue, golden seed head. Grows 10" high. Hardy to zone 4. moist to wet habitat.



Javelin (Juncus)

Stately green thriller for mixed containers or landscape, heat tolerant, wheat color in winter garden, 36". Zone 4.



Juncus Blue Dart MSP

Great plant for smaller containers, upright habit, green leaf, a possible Dracaena replacement, multi-seed pellets.



Juncus effusus

Clumping, mostly vertical, mid green turning brown, accent near water, rich moist soil, light shade. Grows 18" tall. Hardy to zone 4.



Juncus effusus Big Twister PL, Corkscrew Rush

Very unusual thick, twisted, coiling foliage, glossy dark green, great in pots as companion plant, mosit soil, light shade. Grows 16" high. Hardy to zone 5.



Juncus filiformus Spiralis

Novelty grass with unique upright twisted spirals of green foliage. Grows 16" tall. Hardy to zone 5.



Juncus Hedgehog Grass

Compact form, rich stiff green vertical blades black tips, for garden or pot or accent plant in mixed container. 10". Zone 4.



Juncus inflexus Twisted Arrows MSP

Big Twister plus Blue Arrows combined in a multi-seed pellet, for combination planter - a really twisted idea.



Juncus nodosus

Cool season, slender stem, brown panicles, for moist soil.


Full sun

Koeleria cristata, Crested Hair grass

Erect green leaf, white flower spikes. Grows 24" tall. Hardy to zone 2. Moist to moderately dry soil.



Koeleria glauca Blue Sprite MSP

Compact blue-green, wheat plumes in midsummer, drought tolerant, for mixed container or bed edging. 8". Zone 5.



Koeleria glauca Coolio

Mounds of blue, for large pot or landscape, perennial. Height 15". Zone 4.



Koeleria macrantha June Grass

Silver green seed heads in midsummer, ideal in sandy or poor soil. Perennial. Height 18". Zone 4.



Lamarckia aurea

Distinctive short dense golden panicles, flushed purple when mature, useful for cut or drying, full sun, light soil. Height 12". Zone 7. Grow as annual.



Leymus Arenarius 'blue grass'

Same as Elymus arenarius.


Sun to light shade

Melica altissima var. atropurpurea, Siberian melic

Grows in thickets and forest edges, dense mid-green foliage, panicles of deep purple spiklets.


Sun or light shade

Melica ciliata

Clumping, gray green 12" leaf, tufts of arching white panicles, perennial. Gross 30" high. Hardy to zone 4.


Sun or light shade

Melica transsilvanica Red Spire

Deep red plumes, bronze foliage, tolerates poor soil, 40 - 50 stems per plant, blooms first year, for landscape, cut, or dried. Height 60". Zone 4.



Milium effusum Aureum

Golden Millet Grass, golden green, very impressive, shade tolerant. Grows 24" tall. Hardy to zone 5.



Milium Flashlights

Golden leaf, lights up shady spots, hardy, upright to slightly weeping habit.


Sun or shade

Miscanthus sinensis Chinese Silver Grass

Vigorous clump former, graceful plumes in late summer, likes moisture in sun or shade, for landscape, cut, or dried, perennial. Height 72". Zone 4.


Sun or shade

Miscanthus sinensis New Hybrids

A mix of many varieties with different foliage, varying heights, Grows up to 72" high. Hardy to zone 4.



Molinia arundinacea

Turns golden brown in fall, Grows 60" tall. Hardy to zone 5. Moist habitats.



Molinia caerulea

Slender purple panicles on clumped gray green foliage, turns gold in fall, bog tolerant, perennial. Height 36". Zone 5. Moist habitats.



Molinia caerulea

Slender purple panicles on clumped gray green foliage, turns gold in fall, bog tolerant, perennial. Height 36". Zone 5. Moist habitats.


Sun to light shade

Muhlenbergia capillaries, Pink muhly

Beautiful dense sprays of pink flowerheads in summer, for garden or cut, perennial. Height 18". Zone 5. Likes moist habitat.



Muhlenbergia cuspidata

Clumping, pretty blue leaf, purple flower spikes turn silver, likes moist soil, sun, stunning in fresh arrangements. Grows 18" tall. Hardy to zone 6.



Panicum violaceum

Tall, purple pendulous flower plumes in fall, excellent for drying. Height 40". Zone 5.



Panicum virgatum

Tall, clumped, purple to glaucous green, yellow in fall, wild form, wide leaf, very adaptable, Grows 60" tall. Hardy to zone 5.



Panicum (Switchgrass) virgatum Strictum

Tall, delightful in the border, with fall blooming panicles, useful in bouquets, likes sun, for garden or cut, perennial. Height 60". Zone 5.



Pennisetum alopecuroides, Fountain grass

Silvery rose spikes, mounded form, foliage turns gold in fall, likes sun, for garden or cut, perennial. Height 36". Zone 4.



Pennisetum alopecuroides viridescens, Moudry

Black foxtail-like flowers in fall, lush green foliage, perennial. Height 36".. Zone 4.



Pennisetum macrouruna Tail Feathers

Graceful, slender plant, soft beige flowers in late summer. 36". Zone 4.


Sun to light shade

Pennisetum orientale Tall Tails

Very appealing thick florets, arching spikes. Height 42". Zone 5.


Full sun

Pennisetum Ruppelianum (Fountain grass)

Zone 9 - grow as annual


Full sun

Pennisetum setaceum (ruepelii)

Brown eared grass, perennial. Ultra Clean. Height 36". Zone 5.



Phalaris caerulea arundinacea

Purple Moor Grass, mounded arching 24" green basal leasev, turning yellow, stately upright inflorescence, any soil, bold landscape plant. Grows 72" tall. Hardy to zone 4.



Sesleria caerulea

Blue Moor Grass, upside silver blue, underside dark green, flowers in spring, open dark, turning yellow, evergreen, sun/shade. Grows 8" tall. Hardy to zone 4.


Sun / Partial shade

Sesleria heufleriana

Green Moor Grass, silver green clumps, spring blooming black flowers. Grows 10" tall. Hardy to zone 4.



Sorghastrum nutans, Indian grass

Beautiful tan feathery plumes, butterfly attractor, tolerates poor soil, gray green leaf turning orange in fall. Height 36". Zone 3.


Sun or light shade

Sporobolus heterolepis Prairie Dropseed

Upright, arching clumps, fine emerald green leaf, turns gold in fall, fragrant fall flowers on 24" stalks, hardy. Height 16". Zone 3.



Sporobolus Wrightii Giant Sacaton

44" tall. Zone 5. Plant select, extravagant fountains of luxuriant foliage create a focal point, drought tolerant. Well drained soil.



Stipa capillata Bridal Veil

Dense gray green foliage clump with beautiful upright plumes, perennial. Height 40". Zone 6. well drained soil.



Stipa extremorientalis

Achnatherum pekinense Pendulous loose blossoms. Grows 42" tall. Hardy to zone 5.



Stipa gigantea

Luminescent giant, strong narrow stem, airy golden heads start in May, structural specimen "Wow" plant 2.5m.


Sun or light shade

Tridens flavus

Purple top, narrow leaf, nodding panicles, massed plants give iridescent color effect. Grows 24" tall. Hardy to zone 4. Average to moist soils.



Typha latifolia, Common cattail

Cat-tail, uptight stems, green turning yellow, brown spikes, moist soil. Grows 10' tall. Hardy to zone 3.



Typha laxmanii

Narrow leaf, slim brown pokers can be dried, for pond or bog. Grows 60" tall. Hardy to zone 4.


Sun or partial shade

Vanilla Grass Seeds, Anthoxanthum odoratum

A sweetly-scented, aromatic, tufted grass with short, narrow leaves and dense, compact yellowish-flower spikes up to 1-1/4" long. Grows in small ornamental clumps. Zone 3.


Sun or partial shade

Xerophyllum tenax, Bear Grass

Very unusual wide white flowers on strong stems in lily family. Grows 48" tall. Hardy to zone 5.



Karl Forerster

Vertically oriented grass with early blooms that change color throughout the growing season and into winter. Zone 3. Moist to wet soil.


Sun or partial shade


Variegated reed grass shares the versatile qualities of the larger green form (C. 'Karl Foerster'), with the additional attribute of shade tolerance. Moist to wet soils.


Sun or partial shade

Helictotrichon sempervirens, Sapphire blue grass

Blue oat grass is a good choice for sky blue accents


Full sun or bright shade

Miscanthus gracillimus

'Gracillimus' is perhaps the oldest cultivar of Miscanthus sinensis and remains very popular to this day. A late season bloomer, in Canada doesn't usually bloom. Nevertheless, the hardiness, the fine foliage and the spectacular fall colours make 'Gracillimus' a favourite. Zone 4.


Sun to partial shade

Miscanthus morning light

Foliage is green with white midrib; blade width is .7 cm (1/4"); 75-100 cm (30-40") in height; 90 cm (36") wide. Flowers early Sept through frost rose colored blooms.


Sun to bright shade

Miscanthus purperea

Small and compact with flowers seldom reaching 1.5 meters (60"), M. purpurascens will show its true fall colours (brilliant orange-red) when grown in areas with warm sunny summers. The most important consideration when growing Flame grass is to make sure that it receives ample moisture. Zone 3.


Sun to bright shade

Miscanthus strictus

Foliage is green with yellow bands; blade width is 1 cm (3/8"); 175-200 cm (70-80") in height. Flowers mid-Sept through frost; 200-250 cm (80-100"). Zone 5. Moist soil.


Sun to bright shade

Miscanthus variegates

Foliage is variegated, almost equal amount of green and white; blade width is 1.5 cm (3/4"); 150-200 cm (60-80") in height. Flowers late Sept through frost; 175-225 cm (70-90") with red tinted inflorescences. Zone 5. moist soil.


Full sun

Panicum Shenandoah

This grass can easily be mistaken for Japanese Blood grass (Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra'). The leaf tips turn red soon after it starts to grow in the spring. In fall the foliage is a spectacular deep burgundy color. Flowers have burgundy seed heads. Zone 4. Moist.


Full sun to light shade

Pennisetum hameln fountain grass

'Hameln' is the oldest cultivar of Pennisetum alopecuroides. Use it wherever the straight species would be too tall. Blooms earlier than the species, making it a better choice for gardens with a short growing season. 'Hameln' is a dwarf form of Fountain grass. Zone 4. Moist well drained soil.


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