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Kings Creek Trees will have freshly cut Christmas trees available for sale.

Concolour Fir


Come visit our Christmas Store

At our Christmas Store, we offer real Christmas trees for sale as well as ornaments and unique Christmas cards from a well known local photographer. We will be offering three different species of beautiful real Christmas trees at several different heights.

This year we will be offering pre-cut fresh Christmas trees grown on our sister farm in Pennsylvania. We will offer three of the species grown there: Concolor Fir, Douglas-Fir and Fraser Fir. These are species rarely available in Canada as Christmas trees, although we have started growing them at our second farm near Smiths Falls. The trees on our Pennsylvanian farm are beautifully and attentively pruned and sheared. They are given just the right levels and balance of nutrients, at just the right time. Very careful attention is given to disease and insect control on these already disease-resistant species. The result are Christmas trees that are of a quality not generally available locally, though we plan to change that once the trees on our Smiths Falls farm are ready!

Concolor Fir: The Concolor Fir is a species that grows naturally in the Rocky Mountains. It has long, lush blue-ish needles and the tree naturally fills the home with the scent of citrus. This species has excellent needle retention and a slight upward tendency in its branching. It has excellent form.

Douglas-Fir: The Douglas-Fir is not a true fir but resembles the fir genus in many ways. It has soft needles, a rich green colour, very full foliage and an upward branching trait. Needle retention is excellent. Needle length is shorter than the Concolor Fir and about the same length as the Fraser Fir. This species grows naturally in the Rocky Mountains. Douglas-Fir exudes a fragrance which is attractive and refreshing.

Fraser Fir: Fraser Fir grows naturally in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee, but like the Concolor Fir and Douglas-Fir, grows well in many other areas. Needles are a rich dark green but with a silver flash on the underside. The tree's upward branching trait shows off the silver underside well. Needle retention is excellent. Aroma is similar to that of the native Balsam Fir, which is reminiscent of the traditional evergreen smell that is associated with Christmas.

Christmas Store
Christmas Store
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