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Concolor Fir

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Species Name

Concolor Fir (Abies Concolor) (White Fir)

Seed Source

Santa Fe National Forest, New Mexico, USA


Hardy, fast growth, longest needle, good colour (blue-green), excellent density


Well-drained loam or sandy loam, but will grow successfully in most soils


Somewhat slow to start, but catches up well. Soft foliage with 1-inch or longer wide, flat needles. Very seldom affected by frost. Responds very well to fertilizer. Heavy shearing not usually necessary. Aromatic (citrus) with long-lasting colour in the home




Good but less tolerant of shade than associated true firs, is slightly more tolerant than Douglas-fir, and is much more tolerant than pines or oaks. In general, Concolor fir becomes established best in partial shade, but once established grows best in full sunlight


Has been proven to grow well on all slopes. Beautiful landscaping tree due to the unique appearance of the needles


Concolor fir reaches its maximum size in the central Sierra Nevada of California, where the record specimen is 58.5 m (192 ft) tall and measures 271 cm (106.6 in) in diameter. Large but not exceptional specimens, on good sites, range from 40 to 55 m (131 to 180 ft) tall. Growth studies on Swain Mountain Experimental Forest, in the southern Cascades of California, indicate that high-elevation stands of Concolor fir grow best in years with precipitation as low as 38 percent of normal. At these elevations, low precipitation usually means early snowmelt and a longer growing season. Concolor fir is generally tolerant of a wide range of soil conditions, nutrient availability, and pH values. It seems to be more dependent on moisture availability and temperature than on soil series. In at least one area of dry climate, productive stands of Concolor fir may utilize water obtained from shattered or otherwise porous bedrock well below the maximum soil depth.

Concolor fir is a general, all-purpose, construction-grade wood used extensively for solid construction framing and plywood. The white fir is known as the most beautiful of the firs. It is also more adaptable than other species such as balsam fir. Its elegant, symmetrical form with low-weeping branches make it a good specimen tree.

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