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Korean Fir

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Species Name

Korean Fir (Abies Koreana)

Seed Source

Seed orchard in Germany


Improved characteristics from the Korean source due to seed orchard management.


Prefers deep, moist, well-drained soil but will adapt most sites. Can tolerate heavy soils.


The compact growth habit make this an outstanding Christmas tree or landscaping tree for those preferring a limited height at maturity. Needles have brilliant silver undersides. Beautiful aroma. Short needles. It has average needs for moisture and a good pyramidal shape. Growth rate is medium. Korean Fir will grow well at low altitudes and in open areas. Hardy to minus 50 Fahrenheit and does not winterburn. Korean Fir responds well to shearing and tends to grow quite wide.




The Korean fir prefers direct, full sun.


The species is very wind tolerant, so most sites are acceptable.


Korean fir is a pyramidal tree with horizontal branching. The cones are produced when the tree is quite small. Korean Fir is a native of Korea and a few offshore islands. Mature tree grows to 10 metres.

Cones tend to develop when the tree is quite young, and the cones stand bolt upright. It is easy to transplant and generally has a shallower root system than some other species of fir. Bark tends to be typical of other firs, being smooth with resin blisters and gray-brown colour. Its habit is looser and more layered than that of our grand fir (A. grandis). Reasonably mature Korean firs are big sellers as landscaping trees. Appears to be aphid, mite and disease resistant. Long winters seem to have little or no effect on this species.

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