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Seedling Care

Have you received one of our seedlings as a gift?

If so, here are some suggestiosn for care of your new seedling that may be helpful.

Seedlings may be planted in your yard at any time when the ground is not frozen. Site them in a sheltered spot, away from cutting equipment.

Seedling picture

If your seedling is wrapped in fabric or burlap, it should be planted outside, or transplanted into a fairly large pot, within two to three weeks. A seedling in one of our small pots can be maintained for up to three months, with careful attention.

Did you receive your seedling during winter? Seedlings should not be kept for many days in a warm house and, obviously, cannot be planted in your yard when the ground is frozen. We recommend keeping the seedling potted and in a cool part of the house, preferably where lights are not switched on as often as in the main part of the house. For many people, a cool basement room is ideal. If you do not have a cool part of your house then you may wish to store the seedling in the garage for the winter. It is important, however, that the roots are not frozen. Water the seedling no more often than once a week. In their natural habitat, the roots are insulated by the surrounding soil and by snow, ensuring that their roots do not freeze. It is possible to keep a seedling in the garage without its roots freezing, but ensure it is close to the house and perhaps protected with any insulating material.

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