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Tree Planting Tips

There are many aspects to planting trees that will maximize their health.

Before you plant your trees, ensure the area into which you will plant is fully prepared. If you are planting on a grassy area, ensure the grass is well-mowed. In tilled soil, ensure the area is weed-free.

Make sure the roots of your trees are exposed to air and sunlight for the least possible amount of time. Always keep the roots moist and shaded. Once roots are exposed to sunlight and air, deterioration begins to take place in 30 seconds. This does not mean the plant will die after this time, but it does mean the tree's health will be compromised to a certain extent.

close-up picture of multiple yearlings in the field

Dig the hole into which you will plant the tree. We recommend taking out about a shovelful of ground. Plant the tree into the ground. If you find the root mass is too big, cut the ends of the thinner, fibrous roots with a pair of scissors.

Once the tree is in the ground, re-fill the hole with the soil you removed with the shovel.

"Heel" the tree in. This means you should compact the soil around the tree's roots, preferably with your heel, as this is the most effective.

Water the tree well, unless the ground is very wet from recent rain.

Some extra tips:

The best time to plant trees is in the spring. The roots then have all spring, summer and fall to get a good grip in the soil around them. This helps to prevent frost heaving during the winter or early the following spring, from freeze/thaw action. Frost heaving can expose the roots and, although this may not kill the tree, it can damage its health. Despite this, if you have a tree or trees in your possession in the summer or fall, then do not wait until the following spring to plant them. It may be difficult to keep the trees alive for this lengthy period.

The best weather in which to plant trees is during rain. This is because the roots remain fairly well shaded and moist, and the hole in which the tree will be planted will not dry out.

Do not dig the hole any length of time before you plant the tree into it. As an example, if you have several trees to plant, do not dig the holes and then begin to plant. Dig each hole immediately before you plant into it. The soil in the hole will then remain moist and the tree will prefer this.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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